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AMC Networksのレーティグで「マッドメン」を抜き史上最高の数字をたたき出した「ウォーキング・デッド」は、「ショーシャンクの空に」や「グリーンマイル」を手掛けたフランク・ダラボン監督による、アメリカで大人気の究極のパニック・サバイバル・ドラマ。ゾンビがはびこる黙示録的なアメリカを舞台に、昏睡から目覚めた後、家族を探す警察官リック・グリムに率いられた生存者たちが、安住の地を求めてサバイバルしていく姿をヒューマン・ドラマとして丁寧に描いています。日本ではまだDVD化されていないドラマですので、FOXチャンネルで見逃した方は、ぜひHuluでお楽しみください。
その他にも、日本ではシーズン1のみDVD化されている「リスナー 心を読む青い瞳」のシーズン2がFOXチャンネルにて11月24日(木)に放送される翌日の11月25日(金)にHuluで放送スタート。「ウォーキング・デッド」と同様に、シーズン1全話もHuluにて同日配信予定です!「リスナー 心を読む青い瞳」は、トロントを舞台に、人の心を読める有能な救急救命士トビー・ローガン(クレイグ・オレジニク )を描いたSFドラマです。

Emmy and Golden Globe Nominated series THE WALKING DEAD to be available on Hulu immediately after FOX Channel’s TV broadcast!

Great news for those of you who sometimes forget to watch your favorite dramas!  Two months after Hulu’s launch in Japan, we are thrilled to announce that you’ll be able to enjoy selected  drama series immediately after they’ve been broadcast! The first catch-up content title will be Season 2 of the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated series “The Walking Dead” which will start broadcasting on Saturday, November 5th on FOX Channel. The first episode will be available on Hulu on Sunday, November 6th. Yes, just a day after it’s been broadcast on FOX Channel!  For those of you have have not seen Season 1, the entire season will also be available from the same day.

“The Walking Dead” is AMC TV’s highest rated TV series ever, higher than even MAD MEN  The human drama series was created by Frank Darabont, the director of THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and THE GREEN MILE. The series follows a group of survivors led by a police officer Rick Grimes, traveling across the desolate US searching for a new home and family. The series has not been released on DVDs in Japan yet, so enjoy it on Hulu in case you miss it on FOX Channel.
Also coming to catch up is Season 2 of “The Listener.”  Season 2 will be on Hulu on Friday, November 25, after being broadcasted on FOX Channel on November 24th.  Similar to “The Walking Dead,” “The Listener” Season 1 will also be made available on Hulu on the same day to enjoy the whole series to date.  “The Listener “is science fiction drama set in Toronto about a young paramedic named Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) with the ability to listen to people’s minds.
Finally, in the same deal with Fox International Channels, Season 1 of series “Mental.”  “Mental” follows the work of an unorthodox psychiatrist who becomes the Director of Mental Health at a fictional Los Angeles hospital. Enjoy!
November 2, 2011  Geoffrey Bossiere, Interim Managing Director