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Japanese and Korean Contents
本日より、Huluでは数百の日本の映画と、数千話の韓国のドラマが視聴可能になりました。まずはその第一歩として、日本の映画配給会社「BBB」「マイシアター」と、韓国のテレビ放送局「KBS(Korean Broadcasting System)」とコンテンツパートナーシップ契約を締結しました。日本のエンターテイメントファンの皆さまには、「フラガール」「パッチギ!」「ジョゼと虎と魚たち」「必死剣鳥刺し」のような日本映画や、「ドラゴン桜」「快刀ホン・ギルドン」「ミュージックバンク」のような韓国テレビ番組、「猟奇的な彼女」「シュリ」のような韓国映画を、様々なHulu対応機器にてお楽しみいただくことが出来ます。私たちHuluチーム一同、このような素晴らしい日本の映画、韓国のテレビ番組を提供することができて、とてもわくわくしています。今後も日本、韓国のコンテンツを日々、追加していきますので、ご期待ください!

Hula girls

Japanese movies and Korean TV shows now available on Hulu!

Since launching Hulu in Japan, we have been focused on advancing our mission to help people find and enjoy the world’s premium content when, how and where they want it. While we may have launched our service in Japan with the best of Hollywood content – including hundreds of movies and thousands of TV episodes — and while we already offer the deepest catalogue of Hollywood content available through an online video subscription service, we have always known that if we are to achieve our mission, we also have to offer the popular content from Japan and other regional Asian markets like Korea.
Japan and Korea have a rich history of producing popular and award-winning film and TV content of world-class quality. Japanese and Korean contents are precisely the kind of programming we aggressively pursue for our service – the kind of content that attract an engaged and savvy fan base who care, and care deeply . . . for the plot, for the characters, for the chance to urge their friends to watch the show and the chance to talk about it together afterward.
In Hulu’s home market, the United States, Japanese films and Korean dramas have already been successful on our service for years, primarily because they attract passionate audiences enthralled by great storytelling and stunning visual execution. The team has worked hard to make high-quality, popular Japanese and other regional content available on-demand, on any Hulu enabled device in the market. That is why I am so happy to officially announce our first step toward offering a deep collection of local content available anytime and anywhere for Hulu’s Japanese subscribers.
Today, Hulu begins to offer hundreds of feature films and thousands of TV episodes from Japanese and Korean content partners. To start with, Hulu has signed content partnership agreements with premiere content distributors including Japanese content distributors BBB and My Theater, and Korean public broadcaster, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System). With these partnerships in place, entertainment fans throughout Japan can now instantly enjoy Japanese feature films such as “Hula Girls,” “Break Through,” “Josse, the Tiger and the Fish” and “Sword of Desperation”, Korean TV programs such as “Master of Study,” “Hong Gil-Dong, the Hero,” “Music Bank” and Korean feature films such as “My Sassy Girl” and “Shuri” on demand, on any Hulu enabled internet-connected device. The Hulu team is thrilled to see some of the best of Japanese and Korean contents make their debut on our service.
Just as we have continuously added Hollywood content to our offering since launch, so too will we continue to bring more of Japan’s and Asia’s best content to our Japanese customers over time. We begin our local content offering today with dozens of great movies, and hundreds of episodes of Korean TV and feature films, and we will be adding new TV shows and movies from additional local content partners to the service in the coming months. Our goal is that, over time, the volume of Japanese, Korean, and other regional content we offer on Hulu will rival or exceed the volume of Hollywood content already available. When we launched our service in September of 2011, we promised entertainment fans in Japan that Hulu would provide a unique service which suits the fans’ needs in this country. The contents added today are just a first step toward our goal.
We are excited about the relationships we have forged with the local content owners in Japan and throughout Asia, and to offer Japanese entertainment fans more and more local content on the Hulu service.
Master of Study

December 20, 2011 Kazufumi Nagasawa Head of Content and Distribution